Content Marketing From Scratch Training Course – come and join us

VectorsGold-118content marketing supportCongratulations. You’ve just made the first step in making a positive change to your business marketing activity!


Need more?

Kevin and Sarah Arrow are successful content marketers with years of experience in creating content to
attract blue chip companies right through to auntie Mavis.

We’ve learnt how to connect entrepreneurs with their prospects and generate more business online. For over 8 years we have been running, learning and leading the way in this industry starting with our very own transport business.

We understand you are probably reading this thinking some of the following

  • I have been on courses before and it was a waste of timetest1
  • What makes this course so special
  • I’m fed up with being told join Twitter, join Facebook it’s great for business
  • Will I actually get any customers if go on this course?


So how do you know that Content Marketing from Scratch is any different?


First things first, lets start at the beginning

Why bother with content marketing?

  • Companies that provide a steady stream of fresh content via their blogs get 97% more inbound links to their site, a huge SEO boost
  • Blog content is 63% more likely than traditional marketing to influence purchase decisions
  • 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company through articles rather than advertisements
  • 60% of consumers have positive feelings towards a company after reading content on its website or blog
  • Interesting content is one of the top three reasons given in customer surveys when explaining why people follow brands on social media

test2Compelling statistics?

Well, we have used content marketing extensively to turn around one business in the middle of a “credit crunch” and that business was deemed too “difficult” for content marketing to be effective. If you know what you’re doing you can take the content marketing basics and build your content marketing plan from scratch.

Content marketing is a phrase you’ll hear all over the web, and what it means is simple enough, but how you execute your content marketing plan can be the complicated part.

Oh wait! You need a content marketing plan?

It’s okay, it’s not your fault that you don’t have all the tools you need. After all you also have a business to run, staff to look after, a family to nurture, I know how hard it is. Content marketing from scratch is a tough proposition if you’re unsure of what to do. This self-paced course will help you learn the absolute content marketing essentials and how to implement them, you’ll have everything you need to grow your business using content.

This isn’t your average content creation product, this isn’t a sticking plaster for your business marketing woes. This course is an extraordinary look into how a small business or busy entrepreneur can generate a buzz that generates leads for their business.

I turned my failing transport business around using content marketing, now test3it’s your turn to get focused…

You’ll learn the following content marketing modules and how to apply it to your business:

Module One: Content Marketing 101

In this module we’ll cover the basics of content marketing together:

1. Why Quality Content is Essential for Marketing Success
2. 4 Popular Types of Content That People Love Most
3. The 4 Essential Elements to Include in Each Piece of Content You Create
4. How to Grab Your Reader’s Attention in 15 Seconds or Less
5. Infuse Your Content with Emotion to Make the Greatest Impact

Module Two: Content Creation Research Fundamentals

In this module we’ll cover the basics of content creation research so you can build on your knowledge from module one. Without good research you’ll find it harder for your content to make the impact that you want. The two modules combined make a powerful base for you to launch your content marketing plans from

  1. Why Good Research Matters
  2. How “Niching Down” Your Market Makes Research Easier
  3. Finding Questions That Your Community Wants Answered
  4. How to Find Reliable Sources for Facts & Figures
  5. How to Use Keyword Research for Content Ideas
  6. Using Current Events to Inform Your Research
  7. Using Social Media as Research Tool
  8. How to Organize Your Research
  9. Learning From Your Competitors

As well as the above articles and audio, there’s worksheets and resources to help you get the basic research skills working in your favour.

Module Three: Creating Content

test4This module is where we take massive action and start creating content so that you’ll know what works for you and your business. In each section we’ll unpick why a certain technique works, the rationale behind it and the results you can get. I’ll also share with you several exclusive videos with other business owners who’ve used this type of content in their content marketing strategy.

  1. How to create a list post that gets results. Video, workbook and exclusive interview with Ola Agbaimoni whose list post generated nearly 4,000 social shares in 7 days
  2. How to create how-to tutorials. Video, workbook and exclusive interview with Sarupa Shah who generated over 100 social shares in 7 days for her how to video.
  3. Common mistakes posts
  4. Content Curation. Video, workbook and the tools that can make it work for you
  5. Infographics – Video, workbook and exclusive interview with Kevin Arrow who created a simple infographic on writing that was pinned over 3,000 times.
  6. Maya Middlemiss on opinion posts. Maya’s post on an aspect of Facebook went viral generating 50,000 shares in less than 7 days and brought controversy in the comments, this video with Maya unpacks her strategy.

Module Four: Creating your content marketing strategy

In this module we’ll go through the elements of a great content marketing strategy and how to put it together. We’ll look at some tools that will help you create more efficiently, and we’ll create a 4 week content marketing plan that you can implement right now.

1.The Importance of Having a Content Strategy
2.  A Consistent Message
3. Goals and Measures
4. Your Target Market

5. Creating your Editorial Calendar, video and in depth breakdown of how to create and monitor your editorial calendar and measure its effectiveness.

6. 30 types of content you can publish online <— this section within this module should really be a module in its own right) made up of worksheets, videos and a workbook you’ll discover how to turn on the tap of endless content ideas and how to make them a reality. You’ll never struggle for a topic to wrote about again!

Module Five: Getting results with content marketing

No content will ever get marketed without taking action. In module 5 you’ll implement the content marketing strategy you’ve created and fill it with all the right kinds of content and then promote it, plus you’ll get some of the tasty tools listed below to make things easier.

1. What tools can you use to make the content marketing process easier?test5
2. Where to share your content for maximum impact
3. Paid Promotion Options – extending the reach of your content
4. The WordPress plugin that helps market your content (retails at $37) and other goodies you’ll love

Module Six: Content Marketing Template Secrets

Never be stuck for an idea again! In module six you can access all the content templates that I use for my clients. You’ll find the templates that can be used over and over again to create strong, high quality actionable content. All you have to do is plugin in your information, and you’re ready to copy, paste and publish.

You’ll also discover the little black book of providers I use for my content marketing templates. That’s right, I’ll share with you who supplies my infographic templates and the suppliers who edit and update things for me fast and efficiently.

I’m told this is content marketing dynamite, and that I shouldn’t give away what some would consider my trade secrets, and many people think this module is worth more than what I’m charging for the entire course.

This Content Marketing From Scratch course is right for you if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur who wishes to use content marketing to promote themselves or a business.

Who this course isn’t for:

  • If you buy every course out there and wander from shiny thing to shiny thing, this is not for you. This is for serious people who want results. If you’re just playing at business then move away from this page right now.
  • If you cannot afford this course as you are up to your eyeballs in debt or won’t pay the rent or mortgage for the next month, then this isn’t for you. Get your house in order and come back. You will never be able to focus on learning how to get great results for your business when you have financial issues.
  • If you have no business. This course assumes you have a product or service to market. If you don’t have them in place then don’t buy this course.
  • You’re lazy. If you’re lazy this course is a complete waste of your money. You won’t do anything, and you’ll just blame me. Well I won’t have you here. If you can’t be assed to work, I can’t be assed to teach you. It’s not rocket science, it’s not hard but it does need to be done. If you’re lazy and this will just sit in your inbox waiting to be opened then you can forget it.
  • If you’re a veteran marketer then a lot of this information isn’t going to assist you or raise you up. You’ll love the templates though, and you should get in touch and I’ll sell you those separately.

Still here? Excellent.



NOW Let’s talk logistics and costs.

The course is self-paced. Each module will be delivered over 6 weeks via email, you’ll login into the site and access the videos, ebooks and worksheets.

You can do the entire course in just 6 weeks if you want to. Most people prefer to take their time to complete a module. It’s entirely up to you.

You can try the entire course, entirely risk free for 14 days. That gives you plenty of time to look through the content and start taking action, and some can even get results in that short period of time. Consistent content marketing takes around 6 weeks to start making an impact, again that depends on you. Just know that at the end of this course you’ll be well equipped to get great results.

Your investment for this training is just £97.00. I reserve the right to increase the cost of the course, which I’ve committed to keeping up to date. This means you’ll have access to the site and all future upgrades and additions. This is the lowest investment you’ll ever make in your content marketing career and you can make it here:




Did we mention that included in this course is a private facebook group where all members can post their content in a safe environment to get feedback and support before it goes live. Questions can be asked and we will answer giving the best advice so you get the best results possible from your content.